Star City Slayer
Arrow S07E13

  • Arrow 07x13 - Star City Slayer
Oliver and Felicity are disappointed after they learn that William is hiding something from them. Wanting to focus on his family, Oliver steps back from his Green Arrow duties and let’s the team take over tracking down a serial killer. However, when the team becomes targets for the killer, things take a bloody turn.
Staffel 07, Episode: 13, Arrow 07x13
Deutscher Titel
Star City Slayer
Star City Slayer


Original Titel Arrow
Staffeln 7
Erstausstrahlung 10.10.2012
Erste Episode Pilot
Deutsche Erstausstrahlung 16.09.2013
Letzte Folge Spartan
am 22.04.2019
Nächste Folge Confessions
am 29.04.2019