American Horror Story Staffel 11 Episodenguide (2022)

American Horror Story Saffel 11 Episodenguide: In unseren Episodenliste findest Du Bilder und Informationen zur Handlung der einzelnen Folgen.

  • 1
    Something's Coming (Something's Coming)
    Staffel 11 Episode 1 - (American Horror Story S11E01)
    Mysterious deaths and disappearances ramp up in the city. A doctor makes a frightening discovery, and a local reporter becomes tomorrow's headline.
    Erstausstrahlung: 19.10.2022
  • 2
    Thank You For Your Service (Thank You For Your Service)
    Staffel 11 Episode 2 - (American Horror Story S11E02)
    Gino grapples with his trauma. Patrick's search takes him to dark places. A stranger contacts Hannah with a grave warning.
    Erstausstrahlung: 19.10.2022
  • 3
    Smoke Signals (Smoke Signals)
    Staffel 11 Episode 3 - (American Horror Story S11E03)
    Without the NYPD's help, Gino is forced to get resourceful. A traumatizing event brings dangerous suspects closer than ever.
    Erstausstrahlung: 26.10.2022
  • 4
    Blackout (Blackout)
    Staffel 11 Episode 4 - (American Horror Story S11E04)
    As darkness consumes the city, evil takes root in the unlikeliest of places...
    Erstausstrahlung: 26.10.2022
  • 5
    Bad Fortune (Bad Fortune)
    Staffel 11 Episode 5 - (American Horror Story S11E05)
    Hannah receives concerning news while Patrick suffers a loss; the city's most dangerous resident reveals his true motives.
    Erstausstrahlung: 02.11.2022
  • 6
    The Body (The Body)
    Staffel 11 Episode 6 - (American Horror Story S11E06)
    A chilling event from Patrick’s past returns to haunt him. Gino and Henry are determined to uncover it at any cost.
    Erstausstrahlung: 02.11.2022
  • 7
    The Sentinel (The Sentinel)
    Staffel 11 Episode 7 - (American Horror Story S11E07)
    Patrick's search reaches an epic conclusion; the group shifts its focus, but a different plan is in store for Hannah.
    Erstausstrahlung: 09.11.2022
  • 8
    Fire Island (Fire Island)
    Staffel 11 Episode 8 - (American Horror Story S11E08)
    Terrifying events at Fire Island rupture the group and force them to reconsider everything.
    Erstausstrahlung: 09.11.2022
  • 9
    Requiem 1981/1987 (1) (Requiem 1981/1987 (1))
    Staffel 11 Episode 9 - (American Horror Story S11E09)
    As vitality expires, two old friends are led through unique journeys of retrospection.
    Erstausstrahlung: 16.11.2022
  • 10
    Requiem 1981/1987 (2) (Requiem 1981/1987 (2))
    Staffel 11 Episode 10 - (American Horror Story S11E10)
    Grief and peril dominate Gino; the discovery of a tragedy becomes a revelation for Adam.
    Erstausstrahlung: 16.11.2022